Two-column hydraulic autolift JA3500

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Delivery time: 45-60 working days
Article: 700.017.001
Technical specifications:
Capacity, kg:


Platform width, mm:


Lifting stroke up to, mm:


Minimum height, mm:


Lifting time, sec:


Technical specifications:
Capacity, kg


Platform width, mm


Lifting stroke up to, mm


Minimum height, mm


Lifting time, sec



Two-column hydraulic auto lift, with manuel safety lock release. JA3500 Basic Line 2 Post lift is an excellent auto lift solution for hobby shops or semi professional workshops. With a lifting height of 1900 mm. will it easily be able to reach the height, so the consumer can make major repairs in a safe and responsible manner. JA3500 is CE approved.

Control box

JA3500 has a control box to move the lift up and down, the safety locks on JA3200 is manually released from two sides.

Top to buttom and door protection

JA3500 are produced and delivered with top to buttom protection to protect the consumer and door protection to protect the car when opening the doors.

Hydraulic lift

JA3500 is a hydraulic auto lift which can be produced with 220V engine. All engines are tested and adjusted special for each lift.

Lifting platforms

JA3500 is produced with screw platforms, which makes it easy to adjust the arm correctly to the car, and give a fast and safe connection with the car.

This floor plate two posts lift is composed of posts, carriages, lifting arms, cylinders and motor unit, etc. The lift is drove by an electro- hydraulic system. The gear pump delivers hydraulic oil to oil cylinders and pushes upwards its piston. The piston drives the chain to raise the carriage and the lifting arms. During lifting process, the safety latch will automatically and firmly bite with the safety teeth block in the posts. Therefore, no sudden dropping-down will happen in case the hydraulic system beaks down.

Technical specifications

Capacity, kg


Lifting stroke up to, mm


Minimum height, mm


Lifting time, sec


Height, mm


Width between posts, mm


Power supply

220V/240V, single phase

Noise, dB


Drop time, sec


Motor power

2,2 Kw

Weight, kg



Jema Autolifte A/S, Denmark


Heavy duty, quality arm roller bearings. Crown head, yoke type, track roller bearings with a twin ball and cage, lithium greased and sealed for life. Chromed for heavy duty or stainless steel axle and cylinder pins as options. Integral (within base frame) or remote power packs. IP54 as standard. 3 phase, single phase or low voltage DC and manual pumps available. Hold to run emergency lowering.

A 450 mm; B 1540 mm; C 3365 mm; D 110 mm; E 1900 mm; F 2824 mm; G 2780 mm; H 3565 mm;

Standard accessories

The construction, hydraulic and electrical systems conform to the requirements of European standards. Typically these include safety gaps and clearances between fixed and moving parts, moving and moving parts, hose break rupture valves, mechanically actuated safety trip device, manually operated blocking devices, overload detection and protection. Most of Gidrolast scissor lift tables are supplied with an individual Load Test Certificate as well as the applicable Certificate of Conformity or Certificate of Incorporation.

A — Remote hydraulic station, remote control panel ; B — Limit switches for limiting the lifting height and shutting ; C — Reinforced lifting platform (yes) ; D — Lenticular corrugated coating (yes) ; E — Chokes for adjusting the lifting and lowering speed of the lifting table (yes) ; F — Overload protection (yes) ; G — Chain protection (yes) ; H — Door-opening protection (yes) ;

Delivery conditions

  • Package: standard for truck transport by land;
  • Warranty: 12 months;
  • Delivery conditions: EWX Peschiera Borromeo – (MI), Italia
  • Manufacturer: GIDROLAST, ITALY.

Why choose our company?

Branded hydraulic Gidrolast, Italy
Material critical structures from 13Mn6, SB49, А-516
Operating temperature from -30°С +80°С
Average service life - up to 5 years
Products are certified according to requirements EAC and EC
Use of standard components and parts
More than 50 repair center in Europe
Warranty 30 000 cycles


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