Scissor lift with electrical pulling XW500

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Delivery time: 45-60 days
Article: 700.011.005
Technical specifications:
Capacity, kg:


Platform lenght, mm:


Platform width, mm:


Lifting stroke up to, mm:


Minimum height, mm:


Technical specifications:
Capacity, kg


Platform lenght, mm


Platform width, mm


Lifting stroke up to, mm


Minimum height, mm



Mobile scissor lifts are also known as scissor elevated work platforms; they are used to provide temporary access for contractors to high, inaccessible areas on a variety of job sites such as maintenance, construction work or emergency access by firefighters. They are designed to lift limited weights and are capable of being fully operated by a single person. They are narrow enough to be used in industrial settings and can be driven through narrow aisles with ease.

The scissor structure enables reliable stability when the lift is rising, the broad platform and the high loading capacity make aerial working more efficient and safer.

Technical specifications

Capacity, kg


Platform width, mm


Lifting stroke up to, mm


Minimum height, mm


Lift function


Minimum ground clearance

100 mm

Turning radius

1640 mm

Motor power (lifting)

24V / 3kW

lifting / lowering time

110/100 seconds, the ascent / descent is regulated

Drive horizontal movemen

electric, battery volume 2 x 200Ah, complete with charger

Maximum travel speed

6 km/h

Maximum slope


The maximum slope of work surface

up to 3 °

Wheel size



from the platform

Drive & steer model

1 front-wheel


fully assembled

RAL colour

RAL 5017

Net weight



A 12900mm; B 12000mm; C 3350mm; D 2650mm; E 1100mm; F 2550mm; G 1150mm; I 2250mm; H 2250mm; J 900mm; K 900mm;

Standard accessories

This motorized scissor lift is an ideal aerial working platform for replacing lights, cutting unnecessary branches, mending roof, painting walls and etc. With a motor device and a spring towing handle for pulling, pushing & steering the table, it is convenient for a single person to move and operate.

A — Pointing control for lifting up and lowering down (2.2kW) ; B — Stable and well-performed motor for smoothly lifting up and lowering down (yes) ; C — Manganese steel lifting arm in high strength with retangle shape (yes) ; D — With anti-skid platform surface and detachable fence to protect the operater (yes) ; E — The control panels are available on the platforms and ground, convenient for the operater (yes) ; F — Auxiliary lowering device to assit descending the machine when the power failure (yes) ; G — Safety valves (preventing the table from falling in case of pressure loss in the hydraulic system) (yes) ; I — The outriggers can be fixed on any position within 90° to suit different working circumstance and the length of the outriggers has connection to the payload ; K — The Hydraulic power pack comprise start up valve, 0 leakage solenoid valve, High pressure gear pump and high compensated VSC lowering system ; L — The operation voltage on the platform is 24V ; M — Emergency stop button on the platform and ground ; N — Auxiliary lowing system ; O — Anti-burst device for cylinder ; P — Overload safety protection device ; Q — Hose burst valve safety ; R — Rain-proof design electric cabinet ; S — Fence on the platform ; T — For the Electrical part, all steel tube cable outlets will be protected by insulating ferrules ; U — For the Electrical cabinet, the protection index is IP 55, Rain-proof, with sufficiently large louvers for good ventilation and magnetic/thermal protection of the motor pump unit ;

Delivery conditions

  • Package: standard for truck transport by land;
  • Warranty: 12 months;
  • Delivery conditions: EWX Peschiera Borromeo – (MI), Italia
  • Manufacturer: GIDROLAST, ITALY.

Why choose our company?

Branded hydraulic Gidrolast, Italy
Material critical structures from 13Mn6, SB49, А-516
Operating temperature from -30°С +80°С
Average service life - up to 5 years
Products are certified according to requirements EAC and EC
Use of standard components and parts
More than 50 repair center in Europe
Warranty 30 000 cycles


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