Ground lift table Gidrolast GLX310

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Delivery time: 45-60 working days
Article: 700.040.003
Technical specifications:
Capacity, kg:


Platform lenght, mm:


Platform width, mm:


Lifting stroke up to, mm:


Minimum height, mm:


Technical specifications:
Capacity, kg


Platform lenght, mm


Platform width, mm


Lifting stroke up to, mm


Minimum height, mm



The low profile Ground Lift Table engineernig technology lowers 1/2″ to the floor for quick loading and unloading. The Pallet Lifting Table is designed for use when a fork truck is not available. Pallets are loaded onto the unit with pallet trucks and then raised to an ergonomic working height. Foot pedal or hand controlled models are used to compensate for uneven heights, making the workplace more ergonomically efficient. Enclosed motor is remote and can be located with the standard hydraulic hose up to 8′ away. Additional hose length is available as an option.

Technical specifications

Capacity, kg


Platform lenght, mm


Platform width, mm


Lifting stroke up to, mm


Minimum height, mm


Scissors type

single scissors

Lift speed with/without load

42 mm/s

Lowering speed with/without load

35 mm/s

Lift cycles max.

10 per hour

Lift function



1,1 kWh


fully assembled


50 Hz


380 V

RAL colour

RAL 5017

Net weight

1050 kg


Construction: The series is constructed of high-quality steel.

Size: Models have decks from 1000 mm to 1850 mm wide. Actual lengths available range from 1270 mm to 1850 mm. Widths range from 200 mm to 500 mm.

Operating Range: The industrial ground lift table have a 15 mm lowered height and 1200 mm maximum raised height.

Overall Width: Models have an overall width ranging from 1500 mm up to 1900 mm.

Overall Length: Units feature an overall length from 1400 mm to 4000 mm.

Electrical: These units have a 2 Hp motor. 208-230/460V AC, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz is standard. (Optional electrical changes are available including Voltage, Phase, and Hertz at an additional charge).

Powered: Optional Air (Rotary Air/Oil or Reciprocating Air/Oil) is available at an additional charge.

Note: SP at the end of the model represents “Special”.

Operation: Two hydraulic cylinders control the vertical deck movement.

Capacities: These lifts have capacities of 900, 1800, or 2700 kg.

Standard: Standard safety features include: electric pinch point protection, velocity fuse to maintain platform height, foot control, a hinged maintenance prop, and an upper travel limit stop switch.

Options: The Ground Lift Tablehas an optional accordion skirting for added safety is available. Steel rollover bridges for 1100 mm and 1320 mm decks are available and are 2450 mm long. For special applications, special sizes can be quoted by Beacon.

Warranty: One-year structural, hydraulics and electrical. To keep the Ground Lift Table warranty valid you cannot cantilever the geometric ratio weight beyond the center of gravity. All Hydraulic Lift Tables are quoted the capacity within its deck size and must keep with a uniformly distributed load.

A 500mm; B 2500mm; C 1500mm; D 500mm; E 2500mm; F 2800mm; G 300mm; H 4500mm;

Standard accessories

A — Remote hydro-electric station (4 kWhkW) ; B — Remote control panel (1pc) ; C — Lenticular corrugated coating (yes) ; D — Limit switches for limiting the lifting height and shutting (yes) ; E — Mechanical movement limiters in the unfolded state (yes) ; F — Reinforced lifting platform (yes) ; G — Protection against tilting of the scissor lift (yes) ; H — Press – oilers (greases) for service maintenance of all mobile units of the lifting mechanism (yes) ; ; ; K — Overload protection ;

Delivery conditions

  • Package: standard for truck transport by land;
  • Warranty: 12 months;
  • Delivery conditions: EWX Peschiera Borromeo – (MI), Italia
  • Manufacturer: GIDROLAST, ITALY.

Why choose our company?

Branded hydraulic Gidrolast, Italy
Material critical structures from 13Mn6, SB49, А-516
Operating temperature from -30°С +80°С
Average service life - up to 5 years
Products are certified according to requirements EAC and EC
Use of standard components and parts
More than 50 repair center in Europe
Warranty 30 000 cycles


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