Electric Hydraulic Tilt Tables GTT053

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Delivery time: 45-60 working days
Article: 700.050.004
Technical specifications:
Capacity, kg:


Platform lenght, mm:


Platform width, mm:


Minimum height, mm:


Сapsizing angle:


Technical specifications:
Capacity, kg


Platform lenght, mm


Platform width, mm


Minimum height, mm


Сapsizing angle



Tilt hydraulic platforms can be installed either on the platform of the lifting hydraulic table or used as a separate device.

Tilting hydraulic lifting platforms have their own frame and are equipped with a built-in hydraulic unit. The tilt function allows you to tilt the hydraulic platform of the lift table, which makes access to the goods easier and more convenient, thus improving the ergonomics of the workplace.

An example of jobs can be the control of the loading/unloading of goods, or jobs directly in production. Goods on the tilting hydraulic lifting platform can be packed in pallets, boxes or containers.

Technical specifications

Capacity, kg


Minimum height, mm


Сapsizing angle


Sense of tilting

one way

Mains supply

three-phase 380w, 50Hz

Lift speed with/without load

30 mm/s

Lowering speed with/without load

25 mm/s

Lift cycles max.

10 per hour

Lift function



fully assembled

Net weight

190 kg


The tilting hydraulic platform can be custom-made to meet the individual needs and desires of the user.

A 1800mm; B 300mm; C 1500mm; D 1500mm; E 600mm; F 90°;

Standard accessories

A — Remote hydraulic station (4 kWhkW) ; B — Remote control panel (1pc) ; C — Remote wired control panel (yes) ; D — Corrugated coating (yes) ; E — Limit switches for limiting the lifting height and shutting (yes) ; F — Inspection service hatch (yes) ; G — Reinforced lifting platform (yes) ; H — Press – oilers (greases) for service maintenance of all mobile units of the lifting mechanism (yes) ; ; ; K — Overload protection ;

Delivery conditions

  • Package: standard for truck transport by land;
  • Warranty: 12 months;
  • Delivery conditions: EWX Peschiera Borromeo – (MI), Italia
  • Manufacturer: GIDROLAST, ITALY.

Why choose our company?

Branded hydraulic Gidrolast, Italy
Material critical structures from 13Mn6, SB49, А-516
Operating temperature from -30°С...to +80°С
Average service life - up to 5 years
Products are certified according to requirements EAC and EC
Use of standard components and parts
More than 50 repair center in Europe
Warranty 30 000 cycles


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